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Travel Outside of Country - Non Medical Claim Form
Use of the Travel Outside Country - Non Medical Claim Form

This claim form is used to claim  for non-medical expenses incurred by a Traveller while travelling outside their Country of Assignment on Official Travel.  

In order to successfully submit this claim form to Comcover you will be required to complete a number of mandatory fields and supply supporting documentation. There are a number of qualifying questions and help text throughout the claim form to assist you in completing the form. 

If you need further assistance, please contact your Comcover Relationship Manager or the Comcover Claims Team on 1800 651 540.   

Details regarding the cover provided by Comcover can be found in the Comcover Statement of Cover.

Before you start please make sure you have:
  • Travel itinerary for the Official Travel.
  • Details of baggage or personal effects that were lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Details of any claim made to an airline or other carrier for the items. 
  • Quotes or other supporting material for baggage or personal effects replacement. 
  • Details of any additional expenses incurred together with proof of payment such as receipts or, invoices and bank statements.